Before You Buy

Something the homeowner should know

  1. Trabuco Air is owned by, (Robert Decker). I have over 30 years in the HVAC trade. While giving estimates I have found that the customer dwells on the brand of the equipment they may install and they get caught up in the game trying to drive the best bargain. I agree that driving the best bargain is just pure good business practices. The problem is most customers do not know what the best bargain really is all about. The best up front price is usually not the best bargain. Why? Read the items below and this will all make sense
  2. Most companies trying to sell a customer on price are sales persons who most likely know nothing about the trade. These sales persons know just enough to sound good and how to push the customer’s buttons. Most sale persons do not care about the customer. These sales persons do not take the time to evaluate your home. They go through the motions, but this is just a dog and pony show.
  3. The home you live in is not set up for air conditioning to function properly. If your system is not fully evaluated, most likely your new system will not function correctly and your system will be in need of continuous repairs. Most likely your new system will not deliver rated efficiency. This is not scare tactics; this is fact per independent research by Edison. Edison has found that almost all new system installations in Orange County and Los Angeles County are at least 34% to 37% below rated efficiency. So if you have an 5 ton system you may be only getting 3.5 to 4.0 tons of cooling from your 5 ton system. So if this is the case, you may as well install a 3.5 or 4.0 ton system. Why is this? Read below and you will find the answer.
  4. Most systems do not have the correct air flow for the system size or (BTU’s) installed. So to put this into relevant terms, if you have a 5 ton system and no air flow; you have an (no ton system). Why would you pay for 5 tons of cooling when your only getting 3.5 to 4.o tons of cooling. This what is called capacity loss. The capacity of your system is reduced because of lack of air flow. There must be enough air flow going into the system and going out of the system period. Now you can see why your home must be properly evaluated and engineered. Now let’s look at improper installation and how this will cause repeated repair calls. Read below
  5. When your HVAC system is installed there are many short cuts the installers can take? The company cannot be there every second of the day to watch their installers and to make sure the system is installed correctly. Hiring and properly training the installers is super important. The installers should have a check off list as the work proceeds and a camera to take pictures of the job so they can validate how they performed their work. If the labor is under paid, the installers will feel they are not paid enough to perform the work to accordance procedures. How does this affect your job? Read below.
  6. When an install is performed, there many procedures that need to take place to assure your system will function properly and not have repeated calls. Every time your system has to be repaired, you now no longer have a new system. Every time your system has to be repaired you stand the chance that the system will be contaminated. This will in itself cause additional repairs to be needed.
  7. So in conclusion; a little more upfront costs will be less money spent down the road and you get what you pay for.

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